They say that an image 🌁 speaks a thousand words. But a good caption evokes millions of emotions ✨

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Want to know the secret to writing Instagram captions that get more engagement on social media? In this post, I share a secret 🤫 hack to help you write captions that make people comment, share and like. 

How to write Instagram captions that get 80% more engagement #

There are different methods to write captions depending on your goal. However, I find that most captions can be deconstructed into:

  • Headline: The first line or hook
  • Body: A list of the key points or message
  • Call to action: The final sentence that directs people to take an action

So what is the secret to writing captions that get 80% more engagement? This ⤵️

You need to master writing good headlines. 

Here’s how to write engaging headlines for social media #

Fact: Did you know that 80% of people read your headlines, but only 20% will read the rest of your textFor more engagement make sure you include these in your headlines:

1. Keywords 

The main topic of discussion needs to be at the beginning of the caption. Example:

If you’re running a promotion include the words “PROMOTION” or “GIVEAWAY” in your headline.

An Instagram caption on a post

2. Numbers or Facts

Headlines that include numbers or statistics/facts capture people’s attention and make them want to read further. 

An Instagram caption using numbers & statistics

3. Keep your message clear

A simple and clear message is better than using a lot of confusing words. If they can’t tell what the post is about in the first 3 lines, most likely people will stop reading.

A simple and clearly written caption on Instagram

4. When in doubt ask a question

Sometimes you just gotta pass the mic to your audience and listen to their answers. 

Let your audience make your Instagram caption

Learn how to write engaging captions using the AIDA method from this guide.

Update: you can now save your caption templates into Pallyy and add them to your Instagram posts. 

Instagram captions library in Pallyy

Happy writing!