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Facebook Analytics To Supercharge Your Page.

Get to know your audience better & create better content with our easy to read Facebook analytics suite.

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Facebook Analytics To Supercharge Your Page.

"This scheduling tool is a game changer"

Facebook Analytics Tool

Socials By Tiffany

"A social media managers best friend"

Facebook Analytics

Glow Up Agency

"Saves a huge amount of time."

Facebook Analytics Free

Blogging Wizard

"Powerful scheduling tools."

Facebook Analytics Platform

The Static Dive

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Pallyy uses the official Facebook analytics API, so your account will always be safe.

Brands understand their followers better when they use Pallyy.

Understand your page.

Track all the important page analytics to get a good idea of how your page is performing. Track things like actions, views, followers, reach and more.

Facebook Analytics - Page

Track your fans evolution.

See how your page is evolving by tracking your fans gained & lost. Compare to previous periods to track performance over time.

Facebook Analytics - Fans

Post overview analytics.

See an overview of your posts impressions & reactions over time to see how many people your reaching, and if they like your content.

Facebook Analytics - Posts

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Can I use Facebook analytics for free?

Yes, we track the last 30 days of historical data on our free forever plan.

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Does Pallyy have Facebook analytics for personal profiles?
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