Looking for a new Planoly alternative? Try Pallyy.

Pallyy's all-in-one scheduling & analytics platform with client approval features make it the best Planoly alternative.


Looking for a new Planoly alternative? Try Pallyy.


Pallyy's scheduling platform has been designed for social media agencies, to effectively manage multiple clients in the one place where as Planoly is more aimed towards individuals which makes Pallyy the best Planoly alternative.

"Hands down the best social media scheduling platform! We will honestly never go back to any other. Pally is a social media managers best friend!"

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Time saving scheduling to all socials.

Schedule content to all of your socials at the same time, from the same place!

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Dragging a post on Pallyys calendar to show how easy it is to save time scheduling.


Level up your content with analytics.

To create better content you need to know what works, and what doesn . Give our Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn analytics a test and see how you can improve your posts!

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Charts that show followers gain and lost from Pallyy's analytics section


Work with your team.

Going back & forth between your team in emails or spreadsheets? Use Pallyy's all-in-one team collaboration features to make life easier.

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Drafting a post with the team comments sidebar open and also showing the change status dropdown.

Let's compare the features of Pallyy vs. Planoly to find out which platform is right for you.

Schedule to IG, FB, Twitter✔️✔️
Schedule to LinkedIn✔️
Schedule to Google My Business✔️
Unlimited Scheduling✔️✔️
Instagram Analytics✔️✔️
Instagram Competitors Analytics✔️
Instagram Comments Management✔️✔️
Instagram UGC Tools✔️✔️
Instagram Bio Link✔️
Mobile Friendly✔️
Official API User✔️✔️
Custom Themes✔️

How does the pricing of Pallyy compare to Planoly?

Pallyy's a much more affordable alternative to Planoly. Pallyy's price is cheaper, supports more profiles and has more features overall. Pallyy offers huge discounts for multiple social groups, which is by default (you don't need to contact us) which makes it your best option as a Planoly alternative.

Social Group$15$23
Additional Social Group$15$23
Additional Users$0$N/A (not listed)

*In this Pallyy vs. Planoly pricing table, we're using Planoly's custom plan, as it the most similar to ours. Planoly doesn't show how much additional social profiles or users are, but we assume it comes with 2. Pallyy's pricing is per social group, which includes a social profiles from all networks, however Planoly only offers IG, FB & Twitter from what we can see.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to switch from Planoly to Pallyy?

Very easy, and only takes minutes. Our social set setup is quick & easy so you'll be up and running in no time.

Can I use Pallyy & Planoly at the same time safely?

I'm paying for Planoly, but don't want to pay double while I get setup - can I get a extended trial?