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  • Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Scheduled Posts
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Bio Link

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Business & Creator profiles.








Company Page

Google My Business



Accounts (image scheduling only).







Invite users to collaborate on your teams.

$29/month each

Custom Analytics Reports

Create unlimited custom analytics reports, share via a URL or export as PDF.

Custom Domain

Create a custom domain, or use your own domain & logo to share your calendar or grid pages.

Post Feedback

Collaborate with your team members or clients on each post.

Assign team members to posts

Assign your team members to posts so they get notified on every new comment.

Tag team members

Tag other members of your team to send email & in-app notifications.

Change Post Status

Change the status of your post to pending, approved or denied.

Share Calendar

Get a unique URL for your calendar to share with clients so they can review, leave feedback & approve posts.

Team Activity Feed

See a list of all new comments from your team & clients to keep on top of everything.




Image & Video

You can schedule images or videos to be auto-posted to all socials. *Pinterest only accepts images currently


Auto publish Instagram carousels, and Facebook carousels. (no push notifications!)

Publishing Views

Plan & schedule posts on a calendar, board or table view.

Instagram Reels

Automatically schedule Instagram reels to be published directly to Instagram - no notifications needed!

Instagram Stories

Schedule Instagram Stories, and receive a push notification when it's time to post.

Auto TikTok Publishing

Schedule TikTok videos to be published automatically, no push notifications needed!

Text Only Posts

Post with no media to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Video Cover

Add a thumbnail from your video to use as the cover image.

Drag & Drop

Easily change the day or hour by dragging your media.

Calendar Views

View your scheudled content by month, week or in a list.

Add Notes

Create notes to remind you what needs to be posted.

Import Calendars

Import holiday calendars by country or from your gmail, hotmail etc.

Visual Planner

Create different grids with a drag & drop editor, add captions & dates.

Bulk Scheduling

Sync your visual planner to your calendar to schedule in bulk.

Bio Link Grid

Add URLs to your scheduled post for your bio link grid.


Add locations to Instagram & Facebook posts.

Tag Users

Tag users in your Instagram posts.


Save posts as drafts, so you can schedule them later.

Instagram Preview

View your scheduled posts as they will appear on Instagram.

Best Time To Post

See the best times to post on Instagram.

Saved Layouts

Create layouts to quickly add your captions, hashtags, times & locations.

Instagram First Comment

Add the first comment on Instagram to keep your caption clean.

Instagram Analytics



Historical Data

See back up to 2 years in the past.

Limited to 30 days

Track Competitors

See insights into your competitors, followers, eng. rate & more.

1 10

Custom Dashboards

Create dashboards with your favourite charts.

Limited to 30 days

Audience Insights

Followers gained & lost, likes, reach, clicks & more.

Limited to 30 days

Post Insights

Your top performing posts, sort by all metrics.

Limited to 30 days

Stories Insights

Your top performing stories, sort by all metrics.

Limited to 30 days

Track Locations

Track your followers growth by location: country & city.

1 Unlimited
LinkedIn Analytics



Historical Data

See back up to 2 years in the past.

Limited to 30 days

Visitors Insights

Demographics & insights into the people that visit your page.

Limited to 30 days

Update Insights

Insights into how many people view your content with individual update breakdowns.

Limited to 30 days

Followers Insights

How many followers you're gaining over time, and demogrpahics on them.

Limited to 30 days
Reply on Instagram



Multiple Views

View your comments as a grid, feed or by user.


Reply to your comments in seconds.

See Unread

Easily see which comments still need to be replied to.

Hide & Show

Toggle your comments, hide any that are inappropriate.


Sort by most recent, most likes or comments.


Delete any comments on your posts.

Saved Replies

For repetitive questions, or creating templates.

Explore on Instagram



Find Content

Search by username, hashtags or your tagged posts.

Save To Library

Save media to your library for re-posting.

Save Owners Username

Keep the original posters username in the caption to give them credit.

Bio Links



List Style

Create your page with buttons & dropdowns.

Grid Style

Create a page that looks like your Instagram feed.


Track link clicks & impressions.

Limited to 14 days
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