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Schedule TikTok Posts & Boost Your Brand!

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Schedule TikTok Posts

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Pallyy uses the official TikTok API, so your account will always be safe.

Brands get bigger when they use Pallyy to schedule TikTok posts.

Add a caption & hashtags.

Create pre-set hashtag lists that you can quickly insert into your schedule TikTok posts.

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Schedule TikTok Posts - Caption & Hashtags

Work with your team.

Collaborate with other members of your team on each scheduled TikTok post. Tag each other or change the post status.

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Schedule TikTok Posts - Website

Spice it up with emojis.

Easily make your captions look even better with our in-built emoji widget.

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Schedule TikTok Posts - Emojis

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Can I schedule TikTok posts for free?

Yes, you can schedule up to 15 TikTok posts per month on our free forever plan.

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Is Pallyy approved by TikTok?

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