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Schedule & auto-post to any Twitter profile you have access to. Pallyy only uses the official Twitter API platform so your account will always be safe.

Why Schedule Posts to Twitter?

Sometimes it's nice to have a break. Schedule your Twitter posts to go out on the weekend, or when you're not around. You can even batch schedule once a week to save time in-app.

Grow your followers.

Consistent Tweeting is one of the best ways to not only keep your followers engaged, but also attract new followers.

Scheduler for Twitter posts

Save lots of time.

No need to spend hours in front of your computer or phone, Tweeting away. Schedule your Tweets in bulk, then go and lay in the sun!

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"I love the feature which allows me to send to Twitter and FB without media. I post a lot of links back to my blog. That little checkbox forces the destination to use the default image from my blog post, which is exactly what I want."

Bob Smith - The Static Dive

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How to schedule to Twitter —

Schedule to your Twitter profile

1. Upload your media

Upload media to use in your Tweet. Want to schedule a text only Tweet? No problems - just upload any image to use as a placeholder.

Schedule posts to Twitter

2. Drag to the calendar

Choose the media from the sidebar and drag it onto the calendar on the day/time you want it to post (can be edited later).

Twitter Scheduling

3. Add caption & schedule

Create your caption and schedule. If you want to post as text only - check the box and we will post as text only. Include a link and it will show the preview card on your Tweet.

"It really helped me show my clients that they can trust me to not just manage the accounts - but also understand and be better from month to month."

Yoav Moar - PRPL Digital Agency

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Does Pallyy support auto-posting to Twitter?

Yes, Pallyy supports auto-posting to Twitter. Just schedule your Twitter post and when the time comes, Pallyy will automatically publish it to your Twitter account!

Can I schedule a text only Twitter post
Is Pally approved by Twitter?
Can Pallyy schedule Twitter with other socials?

You can also schedule to —

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