How The Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020

With all the attention Instagram is getting, it’s more important than ever to be on top of the latest changes to the Instagram Algorithm. We all know the more the algorithm favours you, the more attention your feed will get.

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You only need to look around you to know how much attention Instagram is still getting in 2020. This powerhouse of a platform has dominated over the past few years and we expect big things in the year to come.

With all the attention Instagram is getting, it’s more important than ever to be on top of the latest changes to the Instagram Algorithm. We all know the more the algorithm favours you, the more attention your feed will get.

Recently Instagram decided to set the record straight and told the world exactly how the latest Instagram Algorithm works in 2020.

Read more to learn about how you can make the Instagram Algorithm work for you this year, along with some killer tips!

Chronological vs Relevance?

Previously in 2016, the Instagram Algorithm was designed to show posts on the feed in a chronological order.

How the instagram algorithm works in 2020 - chronological vs relevance

This had become a way for influencers or brands to build a strong following quickly based on the time of day a post was created. There was less strategy involved in order to get more eyes on your content.

However, this soon changed as Instagram was concerned that relevant posts were being missed with 50% of users missing their friends posts on the feed. Hence the new algorithm shifted to ‘relevancy sorting’. Which means that posts would be shown on the feed according to how relevant they were to the viewer.

How Does The Instagram Algorithm Work Today?

Firstly, your Instagram feed is no longer about who you follow, it’s based upon your behaviour.

The friends you interact with most, the types of posts you engage with or save, the stories you watch and so on.

Instagram is listening to every action you take and are constantly updating their algorithm to show you content that interests you most.

This means that every minute of the day, Instagram is using all the data it collects to get smarter and more relevant.

How To Make The Algorithm Work For You

1. Be Engaged

Active and engaged followers are the key to having a successful Instagram strategy. The main way to do this is to make sure you are giving and receiving tonnes of quality engagement on your account and avoiding these 8 instagram sins.

This is a two way street, because the best way to receive engagement is to give it. Spend time being social with your followers. Make sure to leave genuine comments, respond to Instagram Stories, Share posts, Send Direct Messages. All of these will help the algorithm to work in your favour.

Most importantly, make sure you are creating content that prompts engagement. Add questions in your captions, use Polls or Question Stickers on your Instagram stories. The more ‘engagement-worthy’ your content, the more likely people are to respond.

⭐️ Pro Tip: According to Instagram, the most important forms of engagement are Comments, Likes and Reshares. The more of this type of engagement you can get, the higher ranked your posts will become!

2. Be Consistent

The more consistent you are with your posting, the more Instagram will think you’re a “quality account” and allow you to not only get more engagement, but rank higher on the feed.

The key here is to post quality content, consistently. If your content is worth sharing or engaging with, and is being posted routinely, you will see a spike in your reach.

However, if you are posting several times a day, and then stop posting for a week, you will notice a significant drop in engagement and reach. So make sure to have a balance with your posts.

⭐️ Pro Tip: It’s important to create a consistent posting schedule that works within your own workflow. It does not mean that you need to post several times a day. It simply means that you should stick to a consistent plan ( example: posting 3 x times a week, every week).

3. Be Mindful Of Timelines

Instagram is always wanting to serve you the most latest and relevant posts, so time still matters.

With the new updates to the algorithm, having quality content with engagement is important, but if you post at a time that your followers are most active, this will act as another tool to help the algorithm work for you, rather than against you.

Think of what time your followers would be most active. Is it when they wake up, on their lunch break or before they go to bed at night? This is important to remember when you’re setting up a plan for posting.

Make sure to post when people are online by finding the best posting time for your account

⭐️ Pro Tip: Jump into the insights on your Instagram Business Account to see more details about your Audience. Look at the times of day they are most active, once you have this information, trial and test posting at different times of the day to see what has the greatest results.

Rise Above The Instagram Algorithm This Year

Now that you have a better understanding of the Instagram Algorithm in 2020, you can use the above tips and tricks to put together a well informed strategy for your Instagram schedule. We advise that you make the following a priority:

  1. Make time to engage with your followers daily.
  2. Create quality content and post it consistently, across both feed posts and Instagram Stories.
  3. Use Audience Insights to plan an effective time to post for your followers.

Once you’ve got a strategy in place, make sure to monitor the success and insights of this strategy using our Instagram Analytics & Insights tool.