We want to let you in on a little secret… Do you want to know the key to Instagram success? It is showing up consistently!

Consistency is key, if you show up consistently with engaging and compelling content for your Instagram, you will see results.

Below is what 250 days in business looks like… 250 posts. Daily content, stories daily, it is all about showing up with value, passion and purpose.

Post content daily to create organic instagram engagement

You are probably thinking… “but I am busy”. Yep, we are all busy, but the ones who have the most success on Instagram are taking the time to show up and be present for their followers.

Think about it like this… the more you show up on Instagram with engaging content, the more people will stay on the platform to engage with you.

The more you engage with followers, the more reward and benefits you will get from Instagram, they will show your posts to more people - resulting in more reach.

So, we are sorry to tell you, Instagram isn’t an overnight success platform, the chances of you going viral on all your posts won’t happen instantly – well not often, so just keep producing the stuff that might make you go viral. It is all about creating quality content!

To create organic Instagram engagement, you need to be consistent, so we have some tips to help you get that consistency into your feed.

Tips on how to create organic Instagram engagement

Theme Days for Content Creating #

Dedicate a day for creating content for your Instagram. You might choose Sunday or Monday to be your day where you go through and write all your captions for Instagram and plan out the days you will post stories and what they will feature/talk about.

Choosing a day to create all your Instagram content will ensure you show up consistently and will also give you more time during the week to work on other areas of your page.

It would mean you show up more in stories because you don’t have to stress about your content in the feed.

Accountability - Use Calendars #

Implementing a reminder in your calendar will keep you accountable to create content consistently for your Instagram page.

Use a calendar to plan out when you will post content to Instagram

You can also use the notes section on your calendar to add in the copy, so you have your caption and reminder in the same place.

Using a calendar is a great way to create a habit and also remind you when you need to post, so you never forget to show up.

Accountability - Your Audience #

Your audience is also a great accountability partner for content creating on your feed.

If you tell them you will show up to go live every Wednesday, well you have to show up because you have told your audience you will.

If you continue to tell your followers you will be discussing certain topics or giving more information using your Instagram, they will be waiting for you to produce.

Accountability - To Do List #

To further touch on the calendar accountability, you can also use a to-do list app to remind yourself to post on Instagram.

You might remind yourself to post a story daily or to check in with your Instagram posts, so you remember to always be producing content.

Remember the more value you add, the more consistent you are, the more your organic traffic will receive.

Have a Photoshoot #

Instagram is all about the visual. If you are struggling to post because you struggle to find images, have a branding shoot every few months to keep your photos fresh and updated.

Have a photoshoot to create high quality content, which will help grow your Instagram engagement

If you have amazing photos, you will also see your engagement increase and will feel better about showing up daily because you will have great images to share.

Schedule #

Of course, if you are creating your content in batches, you can use scheduling apps to ensure you never miss a day of posting.

Platforms like Planoly and Hootsuite are easy to use and also give you the option to auto-post or to just remind you to post the content (it will also copy and paste your content into the Instagram app for you).

Have a Content Strategy #

If you are in business, you should have a content strategy for your Instagram feed.

A strategy is a fancy name for the plan around when you will be showing up and what you will be talking about.

To make sure you show up consistently and grow engagement, you want to have a strategy around your content. This will ensure you are creating value, not just posting because you know you need to post.

You can learn more about content strategy here:

Outsource #

Maybe you have read this article and think, yep still don’t have the time, outsourcing is a great option too. You can hire a content marketer or VA to help with your Instagram content.

Either they can help you schedule or write the content for you, it all depends on what you want to achieve and how much content you want to write on your Instagram.

Maybe you prefer to show up on stories? Get a content marketer to post to your feed, so you are still showing up!

Time is money, so even if you are outlaying money for a writer/marketer, you are putting your time back into the business in other areas.