Recover a Deactivated Instagram Account

Did you get your Instagram deactivated? Here's the secret 5 step guide on how to get it back!

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  1. 5 Steps to recover a deactivated Instagram account 

Did you get your Instagram deactivated? 🏴‍☠️ You've come to the right place! I've had my Instagram business profile deactivated in March 2021 and managed to get it back 🔑 within a few days. 

In this post, I'll share the steps you can take to recover your deactivated Instagram fast. 

5-steps-to-recover-a-deactivated-instagram-account->5 Steps to recover a deactivated Instagram account 

step-1:-appeal-the-block>Step 1: Appeal the block

Recover deactivated instagram accountappeal block on your deactivated instagram account

When you first discover that you're blocked from your Instagram profile you will naturally 😫 panic. 

You shoudn't. 

When a block occurs, you will be locked 🔒 out from your profile for 24 hours. 

Nothing you do in this period can help that. 

Take a few days off 🧘🏽‍♀️ and focus your attention on other platforms. 

step-2:-after-24-hrs-fill-up-the-appeal-form>Step 2: After 24 hrs fill up the appeal form

DO another appeal to get your deactivated instagram account back

When you try to log in 📲 you will see a pop-up 📄 form that directs you to fill up an appeal form. 

Depending on which policy you breached, the form will be different. 

Fill up the form accurately. 

step-3:-wait-for-an-official-email-from-the-instagram-team>Step 3: Wait for an official email from the Instagram team

The Instagram team will send you an email 📧 to verify your identity. 

You may also be required to provide a photocopy of your government ID or a picture of you 😬 holding a code they provide you in the email.

Important: Make sure you check 💡your spam folder for this email because this step is crucial in getting your account reinstated. 

step-4:-removal-of-action-block>Step 4: Removal of action block

Once the Instagram team verifies your identity, they will send you an email 📧 to inform you that your account was reinstated. 

Now you can log in again. 🙌

In some cases, Instagram will send you a link to 🔑 reset your password. 

step-5:-take-it-slow>Step 5: Take it slow

Now that you have gained access to your account, take it slow. 👩🏻‍💻

Learn more about what actions can get your Instagram deactivated. 

Good luck! 🤞 😉 🍀

Let me know if you've recovered your deactivated Instagram.


Disclaimer: I do not work for Instagram, I do not offer services to help people recover their banned Instagram accounts and I am just sharing my experience in hopes it will help others. Also keep in mind that what worked for me, may not necessarily work for everyone and the decision to reactivate your account solely lies with the Instagram team. 

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