A girl holding a phone next to the text Instagram message requests

Do you ever wonder “Where do all my Instagram message requests go?” 🧐 or “How do I see my message requests on Instagram”?

When someone you don’t follow tries to send you a 💬 message their message will be automatically stored in a separate 📩 tab named “Requests”.

These message requests will remain hidden until you’ve decided to manually accept ✅ or decline 🙅🏼‍♀‍ them.

You can also choose to block 📵 accounts that you think are sending you spammy or inappropriate message requests.

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Here’s how to see your Message Requests on Instagram #

  1. Go to your Instagram profile home page
  2. In the upper right corner, you’ll find a chat 💬 icon (next to the ♡ icon). Tap on it to open your messages inbox
  3. Your messages inbox is classified as follows:
    - 💌 Primary tab: for storing important messages, however, all messages will first appear here, until you drag them to the general tab.
    - ✉️ General tab: for storing less important messages, you don’t get notifications for these messages.
    - 📩 Requests: this is where new messages from people you don’t follow are stored, you can approve, deny or block accounts.
  4. Tap on “Requests” 📩
  5. Next, click on a message to read it
  6. From there, you can choose to either accept, delete or block the account that sent you the message request

Screenshot of the inbox tabs in instagram: primary, general and message requests

Done! 🙌

You now know how to see your message requests on Instagram!

And don’t worry, messages that are stored in your “requests” tab won’t get notifications that you’ve read them until you’ve approved their message and moved it to your Primary inbox.

Can't see your message requests? #

If you don't have any requests, there will be no blue "X requests" link, however you can simply visit this page to see your empty inbox (you need to be logged in to view it): https://www.instagram.com/direct/requests/