So you found an inspirational quote 💬 on Twitter and you think of sharing it with your Instagram audience.  Awesome! 🙌 But there's a problem: Instagram doesn't allow you to automatically share posts from Twitter. 

At this point, you may be asking 🤔 "Why not share a screenshot of the quote?" Instagram is an image-based 📸 platform and Twitter is a text-based 💬 platform. So the two don't match visually. Simply sharing a screenshot of a Twitter quote on Instagram is going to ruin your Instagram aesthetic, and you don't want that! 😉

Instead, I have found two methods for creating & sharing inspirational quotes on your Instagram feed! So, let’s dig into these methods. 

How to share an inspirational quote to your Instagram #

Method #1: Share an inspirational quote to your Instagram with Canva Templates 🎨

Here's how to create an inspirational quote in Canva: 

1. Go to and type "Instagram post" into the search bar

2. Next, search for a "Twitter quote" template

Create an inspiration twitter quote using

3. Customize the template (background, colours, fonts, stickers)

4. Download the image as PNG 

Done! You can now share your custom Twitter quote on Instagram. (Tip: It's so easy to schedule your posts on Sharemyinsights!)

Method #2: Share a Twitter quote to your Instagram using the Remix app 📲 (by Buffer)

You can use the Remix app to convert any Tweet into a simple Instagram graphic quote. This method is very fast ⏩ and easy - but take note that you are restricted in terms of the output design. 

Here's how to convert a Tweet to a branded Instagram quote using Remix:

1. Open Twitter and select a post

A twitter post shared via remix app using

2. Tap on the share button (the 3 dots) and select "Copy link"

3. Open the Remix app on your phone

4. Click "Add URL" and paste the Twitter link you copied 

Buffers remix app for sharing quotes on Instagram

5. Press "Create Image"

And that's it! You can now download ⏬ the image or share it on Instagram.

A re-posted twitter quote on Instagram

Do you have a favourite method to share Twitter quotes to Instagram?

Let us know below.