40+ Nature Captions for Instagram

Been out in nature? Looking for some nature captions? Look no further! Check out our list of 40+ nature captions to help you beautifully capture the beauty of the outdoors.

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If you love sharing photos of the great outdoors on Instagram, then you know how important it is to have a captivating caption to go along with it.

Captions can add context, emotion, and personality to your photos, helping them stand out and engage your followers. But coming up with the perfect caption can be challenging, especially if you're not particularly skilled with words. That's where our collection of 50 nature captions comes in!

In this post, we've compiled a list of Instagram captions that beautifully capture the beauty of nature, from stunning sunsets to lush forests.

Funny nature captions for Instagram

Looking to add a little humor to your nature-themed Instagram posts? This list of clever and witty phrases will help you make the perfect caption to make your audience laugh.

  1. "Nature: where Instagram filters are unnecessary because the beauty is already so real it's almost surreal."
  2. "I took a walk on the wild side and discovered I'm actually a city slicker who gets scared by the sound of a leaf rustling."
  3. "Nature: the original Instagram influencer, with over 4.5 billion followers (give or take a few critters)."
  4. "I tried to take a selfie with a squirrel, but it was too busy squirrel-ing away for winter and I was left with a blurry shot of its tail."
  5. "I've got a love-hate relationship with nature. Mostly hate, because poison ivy, mosquitos, and bears. Oh my!"
  6. "The great outdoors: where wifi is weak, but the views are strong enough to make you forget all about checking your phone."
  7. "Trees: the original skyscrapers, reaching for the sky and providing shade for all who need it."
  8. "Why be a beach bum when you can be a tree hugger and get all the benefits of nature without the risk of sunburn?"
  9. "I didn't choose the forest life, the forest life chose me. And then I got lost and had to rely on a talking squirrel to show me the way back."
  10. "Nature: where you can't tell if the bugs are singing or trying to eat you, but either way it's a symphony of chaos."

Short nature captions for Instagram

From beautiful and serene to inspiring and adventurous, our short nature captions for Instagram will help you capture the essence of your photos in just a few words.

  1. "Nature's beauty is wild and free."
  2. "The great outdoors: where the scenery never disappoints."
  3. "Find your peace in nature."
  4. "Let the beauty of nature heal your soul."
  5. "Nature is where the magic happens."
  6. "Inhale the fresh air, exhale the stress."
  7. "Nature is the ultimate mood booster."
  8. "Life is better in the mountains."
  9. "Nature never goes out of style."
  10. "Embrace the beauty of the natural world."

Simple nature captions for Instagram

A bunch of straight forward and concise captions that you can use for your nature themed post on Instagram.

  1. "Nature is my happy place."
  2. "In love with the great outdoors."
  3. "Where the mountains meet the sky."
  4. "The beauty of nature never fades."
  5. "Nature is my sanctuary."
  6. "Wanderlust and wildflowers."
  7. "Lost in the beauty of nature."
  8. "Breathe in the fresh air."
  9. "Find your peace in the beauty of nature."
  10. "Nature is my escape."

Nature walk captions for Instagram

Going for a walk in nature? Struggling to come up with an idea for a caption? Here's a few ideas to help kick start your brainstorming.

  1. "A walk in nature is a walk in peace."
  2. "Nature walks are the best medicine."
  3. "The beauty of nature is all around us, we just need to take the time to appreciate it."
  4. "Nature walks are the perfect opportunity to connect with the world around us."
  5. "There's nothing like a peaceful nature walk to clear your mind and refresh your soul."
  6. "Nature walks are a reminder that the world is full of beauty and wonder."
  7. "Take a walk in the woods and discover the magic of the natural world."
  8. "The sounds of the forest, the fresh air, the sunshine on your face – a nature walk has it all."
  9. "A nature walk is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself and find your inner peace."
  10. "The world is a beautiful place, and nature walks are the perfect way to explore it."

Longer Nature captions for Instagram

  1. I love nature's beauty! Everything from the birds singing in the morning, to the sunshine-filled days and watching sunsets at dusk - there's nothing like it. Nature is full of surprises and always manages to put a smile on my face. Whether I'm stargazing or exploring a new landscape, I'm reminded of how magical our world truly is.
  2. The beauty of nature brings me so much joy! I feel so fortunate to be able to take part in its wonders; the flowers blooming, the trees rustling, the birds singing. Each moment seems like a precious gift that I can cherish forever in my heart. Nature is a true blessing and one of life's greatest gifts.
  3. Put down the phone and get out there - go explore the wonders of nature! From towering trees to rippling lakes, with majestic creatures of all shapes and sizes - it's time to reconnect with the beauty that surrounds us. Whether you go on a nature walk or just sit back and take in the serenity of your surroundings, be sure to take in every moment!
  4. Let's take a break and get lost in nature! Time to explore the forests, marvel at the mountains, and listen to the sounds of life around us. Forget all your worries and get ready to breathe in some fresh air!
  5. "They say that spending time in nature can do wonders for the soul - so come on and get to it, 'cause nothing quite beats a stroll amidst the great outdoors! Nature's got sweet secrets waiting to be discovered and magical moments just around every corner. Let's take this adventure together and explore what Mother Nature has in store!"
  6. Nature is a wild and magical thing! Last summer, I got to explore the great outdoors and experience its beauty first-hand. From majestic mountains to glittering seas, my senses were filled with awe and wonder. There's something about being at one with nature that's truly remarkable - the sights, smells, sounds… it was absolutely captivating! Whether you're a nature lover or not you have to admit that everything our planet has to offer is spectacular.
  7. Oh, Nature! Your beauty is beyond compare. From majestic mountains and lush valleys, to bright blue skies and twinkling stars, you evoke such wonder and awe within me. Everything about you makes my heart swell with joy. I'm filled with gratitude for the endless beauty that surrounds us!
  8. "Ahhh, nature! Such a sight for sore eyes; oh what glory! The beauty of the trees with their leaves swaying in the wind, the tranquil sounds of a babbling brook creating a gentle symphony; and the sun melting away my cares. I feel so at one with nature here. What better way to re-connect and be filled with joy!"
  9. "Oh my goodness! Nature is so amazing! The vibrant hues, the peaceful sounds of birdsong, and the fresh air that cleanses my spirit… no wonder it's often referred to as a breath of life. Nature is a pristine paradise that fills me with joy and positivity!"
  10. "Everywhere I look I am in awe of the wonders you bring. Whether its a glorious sunrise or a breathtaking sunset, the sights and sounds enchant me and can fill my soul with joy. No matter how much I explore, there is always something new to discover! Truly you are amazing. #naturelove"

And that wraps up our list of nature captions for Instagram that you can use the next time you venture into the great outdoors!

If you didn't find what you're looking for, be sure to check out our free Instagram caption generator - to generate tons of new ideas you can use.

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