One of the easiest ways to make your Instagram story pop up is to add stickers. Not only that, but Stickers also allow you to interact with your audience on Instagram in real-time. You can do a poll, a quiz, ask a question or just add a fun GIF to an otherwise bland story post.

Here’s how you can add Stickers to your Instagram story. #

Step 1. Create a story

Open your Instagram app and click on the camera icon in the top left.

Tap the camera icon to start adding stickers to your Instagram story

2. Decide on what you’re going to post.

Instagram allows you to upload an image or a video from your camera roll and share it to stories directly.

You can also switch the camera mode to “Create” if you want to type in a message.

Switch to create mode if you want to add text to your Instagram story

3. Add Stickers to your Instagram story

Click on the smiley face at the top right to open the Stickers menu.

Add stickers to your Instagram story by clicking the smiley face icon at the top right

Scroll through the options and choose one or a few of the following Instagram Stickers:

Choose one or a few of the Instagram stickers in the menu

Poll stickers are very popular because they’re simple to use and quick to answer.

From the stickers menu select the “Poll Sticker” to ask your audience to choose between two options: Yes or No? True or False?

The Quiz Sticker allows you to make your story more interactive with multiple-choice questions.

You can entertain your audience by playing the “Guess my favourite ...” game.

The quiz sticker allows you to make your story more interactive and fun!

Location Stickers are key to getting your content discovered by a larger audience on Instagram.

Add these stickers to connect with people in your town.

Location stickers help your content get discovered by more people and connect with locals

To add a GIF sticker to your story, click the "GIF" icon and then scroll through trending GIFs, or use the search tool at the top.

Add a gif sticker to your story by clicking the gif icon in the top bar of your story

Step 4. Post your Story

Once you’re happy with how it looks, click on “Your stories” button to share it with your audience.

And this is how you add interactive stickers to your Instagram story! Time to get creative.