It is every Instagram account owner’s worst nightmare: Being hacked. Imagine losing the ability to connect with your fans, followers and friends overnight or, worse still, your account being appropriated for sinister purposes.

Why you need Two-factor authentication on Instagram #

While it may not be possible to deter the most determined cyber scoundrels, in under a minute, you can increase your account security by enabling Instagram’s Two-factor authentication.

What is Two-factor authentication? #

Two-factor authentication is a security feature to protect user credentials.

When set up, you will be asked for a special code or receive a message whenever a login attempt is made from a device that Instagram doesn’t recognise.

How to turn on Two-factor authentication on Instagram #

Step 1. Open your Instagram profile and click the Menu icon in the top right

Open your Instagram and click the menu icon

Step 2. Tap ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’ > ‘Two-factor authentication’

In the menu click the settings button with a cog icon

Next, click on the security menu item

Finally, click on Two factor authentication to start setting it up

Step 3. Choose your security method

Tap the toggle switch next to the Text message (SMS) option or select login codes from a third party authentication app.

Choose your two factor security method: sms or login code from a third party two factor app

Tap next to finialize the setup and turn your two factor authentication on.

Step 4. Enter code Instagram sent you

Instagram will send you a code via your chosen security method. Enter to complete the set-up process and hit ‘Next’

Step 5. Save your recovery codes

You will now receive a list of recovery codes to use if your phone is unavailable. Screenshot these and save somewhere you can access without your mobile phone.