How to Put a Link In Your Instagram Bio

Don't know how to put a link in your Instagram bio? Let us show you how to add one and the benefits of doing so.

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One of the best things about social media is being able to add links to just about anything. Most social media platforms make it simple to add a link to your bio, with the exception of Instagram.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device
  2. Tap the icon on the bottom right to open your profile
  3. Tap on “Edit Profile” to get started
  4. Write a description of up to 150 characters
  5. Include a brief link to your website – use a URL shortener to save on space
  6. Add links to other Instagram profiles by using “@” and then the profile handle
  7. Use the hashtag key # to add hashtags to your profile
  8. Tap on “Done” to save the new profile complete with links

Please note that these instructions only apply to the latest mobile version of the app. It is possible to change your bio and add links to Instagram using the desktop version of the website. Load up the site and your profile as usual, and click “Edit Profile” next to your name. The instructions from there are generally the same – just include the links, hashtags, and tag profiles as needed.

You’ll notice that Instagram will suggest hashtags to you as you write in the bio section, just as it would if you included a hashtag on a picture caption. The images below show an example of this, as well as an example of a profile where someone has added hashtags and links to their profile.

Twitter lets you add other handles to your bio, including links. LinkedIn lets you link directly to yourself or an employer page. Facebook lets you tag different businesses, interest pages, and even people in the “About” section of your profile. These options all let friends and family know what you like and who you work for, not to mention where you graduated and other little details.

So, what about Instagram?

Sharemyinsights_com Instagram profile, showing where you can add a link in your bio.

Instagram is a little different in that it only allows you to add links to one or two places on your profile. Instagram being selective and restricting the options for how to put a link in your Instagram bio have always been a point of contention with the platform. The decision to do so is clearly a well thought out one, however.

By limiting the number of places people can add clickable links, Instagram prevents people from excessively self-promoting and spamming Instagram.

Link spam on social media mostly happens on posts and comment sections, so Instagram took steps to avoid it.

The problem of spam applies to more than just Instagram, who have taken steps to prevent spammers from leveraging Instagram. Other platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, get a lot of spam made by people spamming clickable links everywhere they can. It’s becoming a serious issue for the platforms, and the people that use them.

The problem is that Instagram’s attempts to deter spam have harmed innocent businesses and people looking to use Instagram without spamming. There would be no need for Instagram to limit the potential for link spamming if no such link spammers existed in the first place. These spammers do exist, though, so it’s up to legitimate people to work with the system rather than work against it.

In other words, it is the spammers and the bots that are ruining things for everyone else. It’s not Instagram that is preventing you from using the platform as a marketing tool to drive people to your website and hopefully convert them into customers.

There is some good news at least; Instagram hasn’t made it impossible for you to add links to your profile. You have to be more strategic about adding links and how you use them to get the most out of them. Don’t think of it is a limitation but instead think of it as a challenge.

If you want to leverage Instagram for your business, then you need to make sure you are doing it correctly. You have to add as many links as possible to your page and understand the best places to include them.

Some businesses add links to their website and specific pages on those sites in their comments and captions. The problem is that those links aren’t clickable because they don’t automatically hyperlink. If people wanted to use that link to access your website, they would have to copy and paste it into the address bar – which is more work than you might think.

Adding any kind of step for a user adds friction to the process. Not many people will actually take the time to visit your website if they can’t just click on it. You need to keep the process smooth and simple with as little friction as possible to get the desired outcome. That is what clickable links do. They are much faster and more convenient than having to copy and paste a link – and definitely more accessible than having to type out the link yourself.

Things have changed on Instagram, with users now having the ability to include links to other pages and profiles directly in their profile. Keep in mind that you should be careful when tagging other profiles, though. If people don’t want to be tagged by you, they have the option to untag themselves.

Including links to other bios is a good idea, but you should reserve that space for accounts, you know. Only link to people you know would be okay with being connected to you.


Now you know how to put a link in Instagram bio, it’s time you went and added one or two to your own. Include links to your home page or specific product and services pages, and see what it does for your business.

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