Comments are one of the most important things on Instagram. They tell you what people think about your posts and, more importantly, your brand. Unfortunately, there is no way to see, sort, and organize all comments directly through the app. This has left many business owners wondering, “Is there a way how to track my Instagram comments?”

The good news is that it is possible.

The bad news is it can take a little work.

Here are three methods to manage and track your comments on Instagram.

Track Comments Using Facebook’s Social Inbox #

You might be wondering how Facebook can help you track comments on Instagram. Don’t forget that Facebook owns Instagram, so it’s not surprising that the platform chose to integrate Instagram comments with Facebook when they created their Social Inbox.

The Facebook Social Inbox makes it easy to manage all notifications and messages across different social media platforms.

Once you connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook one, you’ll begin getting messages and notifications from both Instagram and Facebook in one place.

Facebooks social inbox, where you can manage all of your comments

Image Source: Facebook

Here’s how to use the Social Inbox to manage your Instagram comments;

1. Managing Comments On Your Phone

You’ll have to download the Facebook Pages Manager app to manage comments through your smartphone. This is a different app from the standard Facebook app, so even if you have Facebook on your phone, you’ll have to download this separate app.

2. Manage Instagram Comments With Your Desktop Computer

You can use your desktop computer to manage Instagram comments by connecting your Facebook page and Instagram account.

On your desktop, open up the Facebook page on your computer and click on the Settings on the top right of the page. Click Instagram and then click to Log In.

Image Source: Facebook

Just log into your account, and you’re good to go!

You can also connect through your mobile device. Open up Facebook Pages on your phone, click the messages icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Instagram icon to log into your Instagram account and connect the accounts together, similar to using your desktop.

You should now be able to see Instagram comments through your integrated inbox. You’ll have to swipe left and click reply in order to reply to them, however.

How to Manage Instagram Comments Using Facebook Ads Manager #

If you run ads for Instagram or related to Instagram, you definitely want to keep up with the comments on those ads. You need to get feedback from people to create better ads and save money by removing poor quality ones.

One way to track comments on Instagram ads is by using Facebook Ads Manager. Here’s how you do it;

  1. Log into your Ads Manager account, find the campaign you want to track, and click Edit Campaign
  2. Click Ad
  3. Open the “Links” dropdown box and select Manage Instagram Comments

This screen will give you the option to add comments, delete comments, and hide/unhide comments on Instagram ads.

How to Manage Instagram Comments Using a Third-Party App #

This last section will look at how to manage Instagram comments using third-party tools. One of the best tools around right now is Agorapulse, which has a Social Inbox Zero feature where you can track all messages in one place. It works similarly to the Facebook Social Inbox but connects to other kinds of social media.

Once you have connected your Instagram account to Agorapulse, you can open the Instagram section and then open the “To Review” tab to see all of your comments. From this page, you can sort comments in order and manage them directly with the Review button.

Agorapulse also lets you bulk review comments. Click on the individual comments you want to review or click Review All to manage all of them at once.

Clicking on review brings up three options; the chance to reply directly to a comment, assign it to a team member, or tag it so you can find it later.

Agorapulse is excellent for accounts that get a lot of comments. You can create automated rules for moderation based on certain words and phrases. These rules allow you to automatically tag comments for further review, such as identifying spam comments, question comments, and comments related to customer service.

The process for managing comments on ads is a little different. You’ll have to authorize the app to access your Instagram account. The good news is you only have to do it once.

Open Agorapulse and click on settings. Click the “Ad Account” tab to the top of the page and give Agorapulse permission to access Instagram Ads. You can do this by clicking the Refresh Ad Token button.

Just choose the account that you want to connect to, and you’re good to go.

Now you can see comments on ads through Agorapulse. Open the inbox and click the Type dropdown box to choose Ads comment.

This will display all the comments left on Instagram ads, letting you review, flag, assign, or delete them as you please. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to respond to comments on ads directly, but you can open a link to them through the app and reply from there.

Agorapulse isn’t the only third-party app that lets you track Instagram comments. There are several choices out there, which should give you the freedom to find one that suits your needs.


It’s easier than you might think to track comments across Instagram.

Instagram itself makes the process easy thanks to Facebook Social Inbox, and there are other apps that connect to Instagram to display comments for you.

If you want to know “how to track my comments on Instagram,” then keep these methods in mind. Feedback is one of the most important things you could ask for, especially with ads, so don’t neglect these crucial comments!