Do try often to ask yourself: What to post on Instagram? Luckily, we have 6 Instagram post ideas to help you spice up your Instagram content.

Here are 6 super engaging Instagram post ideas to try in 2021 #

Idea #1: Tease a new product

Showcasing your new products and services are fantastic content ideas.

With Instagram moving towards shopping, you have a lot of features to help you make your products stand out.

But be careful not to come across as pushy.

Instead, make your new product the STAR ⭐️ and talk about how it's going to transform people's lives.

Lego teases new products by letting people guess what it is

Idea #2: Partner with an influencer

As a small or new business, you can choose to partner with influencers to raise awareness about your products/services.

When looking for influencers, choose those with a loyal following similar to your target buyers.

Most small influencers will be happy to do a sponsored post or a review.

OvationHair uses influencers to promote their products

Idea #3: Support a social trend or cause

More brands are now showing support for diversity, inclusion and compassion on social media.

If you don't know what to post on Instagram, show appreciation for a cause that your community supports.

When you share positivity, you get back positivity.

DisneyPlus supports pride with a spectacular concert

Idea #4: Introduce your employees

Did you notice that images of people get more engagement on Instagram?

This is not a myth - it was confirmed by the Head of Instagram in a recent Q&A session on his stories.

  • He said: "We noticed that pictures of people get more likes than pictures of objects"

When you share a photo of your employees faces you build know-like-trust with your audience.

ACGtaxservice builds trust by showing the people who do the work

Because people trust people.

Idea #5: Video-Video-Video

Instagram is moving towards becoming a video and entertainment platform.

So having a video content strategy is crucial.

While editing videos can be time-consuming, here are some easy ways to incorporate more videos to your Instagram strategy:

  • Jump on a Reels challenge
  • Share 3-5 stories daily showing what you're working on
  • Introduce yourself or your staff
  • Host a LIVE Q&A session

Idea #6: Recycle an old post

Don't know what to post?

Recycled Twitter post to Instagram graphic quote

Follow this content recycling guide.

Now you know 6 Instagram post ideas to try in 2021!

Your turn: which of these ideas are you ready to try?