Instagram's Private Reels 'Blend' Feature Revealed

Instagram is developing a new private reels feature that will allow users to share reels with a friend. Learn all the details!

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  2. What is 'Blend'?
  3. When is Instagram 'Blend' launching? 

Instagram is reportedly developing a new feature called 'Blend' that will allow users to create a private reels feed, which can be shared with another user on the platform who shares a common interest. Are you curious to know more about this new Instagram private reels feature called 'Blend'? Keep on reading because we'll give you all the details in this post!

Coming Soon - 'Blend' private Reels feature

Here's what we know so far. According to tech news leaker, Alessandro Polezzi, Instagram is working on releasing a new Reels feature called 'Blend'. In his tweet dated 28 March 2024, he revealed that 'Blend' would allow users to create a private reels feed, where they can share reels with another user. This private group would allow both users to share content with each other, and get reels recommendations based on their common interests.

Instagram is developing a private reels feature called 'Blend'

Source: Alessandro Polezzi, on Twitter

What is 'Blend'?

If you're an Instagram user, I'm sure you're already familiar with Reels, the 15-second long, entertaining video format that is currently dominating all our feeds. So you may be wondering what else is 'Blend' going to bring to the existing reels feature?

According to the information leaked online, 'Blend' would allow Instagram users to share reels, privately, with another friend who shares the same interests:

  1. Private reels feed between you and a friend
  2. Get reels recommendations based on a common interest
  3. You can leave 'Blend' anytime

If released, Instagram 'Blend' will add a new way for Instagram users to engage with each other through private video content - which is something new, and currently not available on TikTok. It would be an exciting addition and extension of the existing Reels feature which has become popular among Instagram users. 

When is Instagram 'Blend' launching? 

At present, there's no official confirmation from the Instagram team on the launch date of 'Blend'. However, we will keep you updated as soon as we find out more updates or information on this exciting new feature called 'Blend'. 

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