Instagram Reels Sizes [Specs, Dimensions, Ratios and more]

Check out this guide to learn the recommended Instagram Reels sizes, dimensions, specs, and ratios.

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Instagram has recently increased the duration of Reels videos! Looking for the latest Instagram Reels sizes? Check out this quick guide to find out all the recommended post dimensions, specs, and ratios for Instagram Reels! 

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Instagram Reels size in pixels

Instagram Reel size in pixels: 1080 pixels (wide) x 1920 pixels (tall)

Instagram Reels are made to be watched in portrait mode on a mobile device. That's why the ideal size of an Instagram Reel video should fit most mobile phone screens without being cut or overstretched.

Instagram Reels length

Instagram Reels video length: up to 90 seconds long

When recording a video with the built-in Reels camera, you can choose to shoot clips up to 15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds long. The minimum length of a Reels song is 5 seconds. If you upload a video that is less than 5 seconds long, it will fail to publish.

Instagram Reels caption length

Instagram Reel caption length: up to 2,200 characters

*Note: Reel captions follow the same length requirements as regular Instagram post captions.

** Recommended Tool: Try the Instagram AI Caption Generator

Instagram Reels compression

Instagram Reels compression: 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels

*Note: Instagram will automatically resize any Reel video that is wider than 1080 pixels. This is because the Reel video format is optimised for full mobile screen viewing. 

Recommended Instagram reels sizes: 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels with an aspect ratio of 9:16

Tip: Always follow the recommended Instagram post sizes to avoid your Reel videos looking blurry or compressed. 

How to resize Instagram Reels

If you’re not recording your Instagram reel directly through the Instagram Reel editor, you can follow the following steps to resize your video for Instagram Reels.

Here's how to resize an Instagram Reels video using CapCut mobile app 

  1. Open the CapCut mobile app 
  2. Start a new project (+)
  3. Select a video clip from your mobile phone's camera roll
  4. From the menu at the bottom, tap on Edit -> Crop -> and select the 9:16 video format from the options
  5. From the top menu choose Resolution: 1080P and Frame rate: 30
  6. Click the arrow at the top right corner to download the video on your mobile phone
  7. Upload your video into Pallyy
  8. Drag the video and drop it onto the calendar
  9. From post format options select Instagram Reel
  10. Write a caption and hashtags
  11. Choose a cover photo for your Reel
  12. Schedule your Reel to auto-post at your preferred time

Now that you're all set, start creating entertaining Reels videos and share them with your audience! Tip: We recommend using a mobile app to edit & resize your Instagram Reels (eg: InShot, CapCut, TikTok, or Canva) before scheduling them with Pallyy.

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