Content scheduling is a game-changer for marketers. Since I started scheduling Instagram posts in advance, I’ve saved a lot more time and that's great because I can spend that time growing my business.

But if you’re a new business owner, influencer or social media manager, you may find it difficult to decide on the best app to schedule your Instagram posts.

  • What features are the most important?
  • What’s the easiest tool to use?
  • Do you need advanced analytics?
  • What is the cheapest app?

I’ve got you covered.

how to schedule instagram posts

Over the last 3 years, I’ve tried (almost) every popular social media scheduling tool out there and there are some that were a waste of time, very expensive or too complicated to use.

In this post, I’ll share my process of scheduling Instagram posts with Pallyy to help you save time. Ready to learn how to schedule Instagram content?

If you answered “Yes”, keep scrolling. 

How to schedule your Instagram posts to save time #

Scheduling vs Posting as you go

When does scheduling posts in advance work better?

If you’re not planning your content in advance you’ll soon realize you’re spending WAAAY too much time thinking “What should I post today?”.

Scheduling Instagram posts in advance can help you in many ways:

#1. Save time 

#2. Have a beautiful feed 

#3. Post at optimum times

#4: Be consistent with your posting

#5. Have a multi-channel content strategy 

But most importantly, when you save time and work more efficiently you can scale your business.

6 Steps to plan and schedule Instagram posts with Pallyy #

Step #1: Start with a list of topics #

Do a little research to find out:

  • What topics are trending in your industry
  • What questions do your followers need answers to
  • What are your competitors talking about

Then write down your ideas for Instagram posts. 

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Example of a trello board where you can list your topics for scheduling to instagram

I like to use Trello to plan Instagram posts, but you can use any other calendar tool or even write it down in a good-ol paper planner. 

For each Instagram post I have a checklist:

  • Post title: 
  • Post format: 
  • Caption:
  • Hashtags:
  • Date/time:

Step #2: Create, curate and save posts in your media library #

Whether you create original content or repost user-generated content (UGC) planning ahead of time and batching is key to staying productive. 

Here are some tips on batching and creating content:

  • Plan product or team photoshoots ahead of time
  • Edit photos and videos in batches to maintain consistency
  • Supplement photos with branded graphics and quotes 

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Saving media to your library in pallyy

To help you repost UGC easily, Pallyy added a new feature called “Explore”. With Explore you can search content based on a hashtag or account name. 

Then add the post to your media library to save it.

  • Batch upload photos into your scheduling tool library
  • Repost UGC from your community

find UGC with pallyy to schedule to instagran

You can also find posts that people have tagged you in and repost them.

Don’t worry: Pallyy helps you give proper credit by tagging the original account in the caption. 

Step #3: Find your best times ⏰ to post  #

One of the best parts of scheduling posts is that you can choose the time of posting. Why is this important? The Instagram algorithm ranks posts based on the interactions they get in the first few hours of publishing. 

Ideally, you want to schedule posts at your audience’s peak activity time. This will generate more likes, comments and shares and your posts can reach more people. 

Find out your best time to post for likes, comments and reach using Pallyy analytics.

Find the best time to post to instagram

Step #4: Create a beautiful grid and preview it #

First impressions matter on Instagram. A beautiful feed helps you capture new visitors' attention and convinces them to follow your account.  

With the drag and drop feature, you can easily swap posts and arrange them in visually appealing patterns. 

Tip: Save your posts as drafts, and add your captions later.

You can also preview your feed before scheduling your posts. 


Step #5: Save captions & hashtags templates for faster scheduling #

Now that you have imported and arranged your images, it’s time to complete your posts with captions, hashtags, location and tags.

Saved captions & hashtags feature

If you’re sharing repetitive content like blog posts or promotions, you can create caption templates and save them for future use.

I have added this new blog post caption template in Pallyy and I edit it before promoting a new blog post. Makes my life so much easier!


creating saved captions in payy to speed up your scheduling process

Do the same thing for hashtags. 

Find out your top hashtags, export them and save them to increase your efficiency. I have a general list of hashtags I use for most of my posts, and a separate list for when I share motivational quotes. 

create custom hashtag lists that you can insert to your scheduled post on instagram

Tip: Add your hashtags in the first comment to maintain a neat looking caption.

Add your first comment when posting to instagram

Step #6: Publish, save as draft or schedule posts #

Good news for social media managers and agencies!

Pallyy allows you to schedule posts on a range of different social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

Select the platforms you want to schedule your posts on from the top menu of social icons. If you only want to schedule your post for Instagram, make sure you deselect the other options.

After you've completed all the info about your post, you can schedule it for auto-posting. Select a date and time your followers are most active and click Schedule.

That's all! Your post will go live at your selected time.

Alternatively, you can save your post as a draft and come back later to publish it.

schedule your post to instagram anytime

When you're looking for an Instagram scheduler, it's important is to find a tool that meets your needs.

Whether is finding the best times to post, curating UGC or scheduling content across multiple platforms - a good tool will help you save valuable time for your business.

Ready to start planning your content and scheduling posts?

Start scheduling posts on Instagram NOW!