Have you recently posted a Instagram story only to have it removed before 24 hours were up?

Don’t stress – your content hasn’t broken any guidelines.

It looks like Instagram has been facing a bug that is seeing many users stories deleted before the 24 hours are up.

Unfortunately, if your story was deleted it doesn't look like it will be coming back (as of yet) unless Instagram can revert this issue.

While the cause of the issue is unknown, there’s a few steps you can take going forward to (hopefully) prevent it from happening.

UPDATE 26th of April:

Stories are back! If your story was removed you should now see it again in your app.

If it happens again we suggest just waiting a few hours and checking back.

1. Track your stories analytics #

In the case your story disappears, it's always good to know the engagement you received on it before it was removed.

With Share My Insights you can track your Instagram stories, and even if it's removed the insights (reach, impressions, taps, etc) will still be available to view.

2. Use a Instagram stories scheduling app #

Using an app to schedule your Instagram stories will ensure that your story is saved, so that if it is removed – once the issue has been fixed, you can re-post it without having to create it again.

Here's a few apps you can use to schedule your Instagram stories:

1. Later - Visually plan and schedule your stories

Schedule your Instagram stories incase they dissapear before 24 hours with Later.com.

2. Buffer - Prepare and share your Stories with confidence

Use buffer to schedule Instagram stories to save them incase the dissapear

3. Sked Social - Schedule your stories and have them automatically posted

Why did my Instagram story dissapear before 24 hours

3. Post image stories instead of videos #

So far all of the reports have been about their videos disappearing. If you post images in the meantime, you hopefully won’t be affected. While this isn't 100% known - from the reports so far you'll have a better chance than if you post a video story.

Have any updates about your instagram story disappearing before 24 hours? Leave a comment below!