Top 49 Instagram Statistics, Demographics and Fun Facts for 2023

Here are all the top Instagram Statistics, Demographics and Fun Facts you need to know as a marketer in 2023.

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Instagram is a huge marketing platform. With over 1 billion active users from all around the world, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms by brands, influencers, advertisers and shoppers. But planning a good marketing strategy for Instagram is not easy. With so much competition you need to be well informed and know all about your audience demographics.

We've compiled a list of 49+ Instagram stats, demographics and fun facts to help you survive, strive and grow on Instagram in 2023.

Instagram usage statistics

The number of Instagram users continues to grow each year.

Number of Instagram users in 2023 is projected to reach 1.36 bilion
  • The number of Instagram users is projected to reach 1.36 billion by 2023 and 1.44 billion by 2025.
  • Instagram is the 3rd most downloaded app on Apple Store (3.8 billion app downloads) and the 4th across all mobile devices.
  • In 2022, Instagram users spent on average 30 minutes per day on the platform (an increase from 28 minutes in 2020).
  • 63% of Instagram users log into the app daily.

Instagram business statistics

Posting content on Instagram is getting more and more competitive.

  • 25 million businesses are using Instagram in 2022.
  • 2 million businesses are using paid Instagram ads.
  • 60% of businesses use Instagram Stories every week.
  • 83% of brands are confident that social media marketing brings them value and ROI (an increase from 63% in 2021).
  • 36% of marketers plan to increase spending on social media in 2023.

Influencer marketing Statistics

Hiring Instagram influencers is not as expensive as you may think.

  • 67% of marketers said they use Instagram for Influencer marketing.
  • $2.3 Billion Is Being Spent on Instagram Influencers.
  • 55% of brands pay influencers less than $100/post (or offer free products or gifts).
  • 19% of brands said they pay influencers between $100-$499/post.
How much are influencers getting paid per post

Instagram shopping statistics

  • The potential for advertising reach on Instagram is 849.3 million users.
  • 44% of Instagram users use shopping features weekly.
  • 130 million Instagram users click on Shopping posts every month.
  • Video ads get the most engagement, while image ads get just 1 comment per 1000 views.

Instagram user demographics

Instagram remains highly popular among teens and younger people.

  • Instagram users are almost equally split between genders: 50.3% females and 49.7% males.
  • 50.13% of Instagram users are below 34 years old.
  • 73% of teenagers in the USA use Instagram.
Instagram Users Distribution by Age Groups. Source: Statista (2022)

Instagram video content statistics

In 2022, the most popular content format on Instagram was video.

  • In 2022, there was an 80% increase in time spent watching video content on Instagram.
  • 82% of marketers posted video content on Instagram.
  • 85% of marketers say short-form is the most effective video style they leverage.
  • 1 in 4 marketers used Instagram Reels in 2022.
Top videos watched by most people on Instagram

Instagram Story statistics

Instagram engagement statistics

The average engagement on Instagram is decreasing.

  • The average engagement rate for business accounts is 0.83%
  • Stories stickers have been found to boost video performance 83% of the time.
  • Posts with a location sticker get 79% more engagement.
  • Photos with faces get 38% more likes.

Instagram hashtag statistics

  • Posts with at least 1 hashtag get 12% more engagement.

Instagram posting statistics

Stats show that the more content you post, the faster you grow your followers on Instagram.

  • Brands who shared <1 post/week grew by an average of 14%.
  • Brands who shared 7+ posts/week grew by 56%.
The best posting frequency on Instagram is 7+ posts per week
  • Despite that, only 5% of Instagram accounts share more than 1 post per day. 
  • Instagram CEO said the best posting frequency is 3-4 feed posts per week, and 1 daily story.

Best time to post on Instagram statistics

Pallyy's analysis of 1.2 million Instagram posts shows that:

  • The best time to post on Instagram is 12pm, and the best day is Saturday.
  • The best time to post Reels is 2pm, on Saturdays.

Read our full guide about the best times to post on Instagram.

Top industries using Instagram

These are the top 5 industries on Instagram:

  • Fashion: 50% of Instagram users follow and engage with fashion brands.
  • F&B: Food industry has the highest engagement rate on Instagram (7.38%).
  • Travel: 40% of Instagram users under the age of 30 have booked a trip after finding out about it on Instagram.
  • Real estate: 44% of real estate agents got a new client through social media.
  • Beauty: Beauty brands and influencers account for almost 90% of content published on Instagram.

Fun Instagram statistics and facts

  • The most popular hashtags in 2022 are #love, #instagood, #fashion and #beautiful.
  • The most followed person on Instagram is Christiano Ronaldo with 506 million followers in 2022.
  • The most followed brand on Instagram is Nike with 252 million followers in 2022.
  • The country with the most number of Instagram users and growth in 2022 is India.
  • The first photo ever posted on Instagram was a dog.
  • You can send up to 50-100 DMs a day before getting flagged as spammer.

The origins of Instagram

  • Instagram was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.
  • It was originally a photo-sharing app used mainly by photographers.
  • Instagram's original name was Codename, but it was changed before launch.
  • Originally Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion.

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