The Top 12 Instagram Analytics Tools in 2023

These top Instagram analytics tools can help you improve your Instagram strategy by analyzing your performance and tracking competitors going into 2023.

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  1. The top 12 Instagram analytics tools in 2023
  2. Pallyy
  3. Iconosquare
  4. SocialBakers
  5. NotJustAnalytics
  6. SquareLovin
  7. Buffer
  8. Whatagraph
  9. SproutSocial 
  10. Hootsuite
  11. Brandwatch
  12. Creator Studio
  13. Sendible
Top Instagram analytics tools

Instagram is a great platform for engagement. In fact, Instagram posts have one of the the highest engagement rates among social platforms, up to 17 x higher than on Facebook.

Do you want to increase your engagement rate? Start by tracking your performance using Instagram analytics and post more content that your audience loves. Luckily, there are hundreds of tools you can use to track Instagram analytics, so here's our list of recommended Instagram analytics tools to try in 2023.

The top 12 Instagram analytics tools in 2023


Pallyy is a full social media management platform with an extremely in-depth Instagram analytics suite ideal for social media managers and agencies managing multiple Instagram accounts.

Pallyy's Instagram analytics section on their website.

One of my favourite features on Pallyy is the competitors tracking. With this feature you can add up to 10 of your competitors and view their followers growth, engagement rates, top posts and more.

You can also build custom analytics reports with Pallyy. Just tick the charts and graphs you want to add to your report and export them as a PDF file, to be shared with your clients.

Pallyy features

  • Custom reports builder
  • Up to 10 competitors tracking
  • Full set of post insights
  • Audience insights
  • Instagram story insights
  • Download & share reports
  • Social media inbox

Pallyy pricing

Pallyy's Instagram analytics features are free to use for up to 14 days and 1 social set, unlimited profiles start at just $15/month per social set and $29/month per additional user.


Iconosquare is designed to help you understand your Instagram content performance and optimize it.

Besides their Instagram analytics and reports features, Iconosquare also has an instant Instagram audit feature that calculates your profile completeness score and gives it a rank. What I like the most, is the simplicity of the dashboard and how intuitive it is to use even for a beginner.

Iconosquare's Instagram overview dashboard with a few key metrics

Iconosquare features

Iconosquare pricing

Iconosquare is best for marketers managing multiple Instagram accounts, it has a 14-day free trial, and plans from $39/mo to $1000/mo.


SocialBakers is a powerful social media management platform that combines scheduling, analytics, content creation and ads management in one place.

SocialBakers is best for large organizations, teams and social media agencies managing multiple social profiles (10 - 20 accounts).

SocialBakers Instagram analytics overview page

SocialBakers features

  • Content scheduling
  • Performance prediction
  • Multiple social media platforms
  • Up to 20 profiles
  • Social media ads
  • Reports
  • Listening
  • Benchmark

SocialBakers pricing

Their paid plans range from $200 - $400 per month.


NotJustAnalytics (formerly Ninjalytics) is an Instagram analytics tool that allows you to calculate engagement rates for any Instagram account, not just your own. This tool is widely used by marketers and brands to "spy" on their Instagram competitors' hashtags and top-performing content. It’s simple to use and you can get some nice charts like the one below.

Ninjalitics Instagram analytics tool dashboard

NotJustAnalytics pricing

NotJustAnalytics has a free plan for data up to 7 days and paid plans ranging from €7 to €49/mo.


SquareLovin is an analytics platform for Instagram influencers and e-commerce brands. It includes a full set of Instagram analytics, charts and post metrics, with the added option to create your own Media Kit. Media kits are influencer portfolios that can be used to apply for sponsorships.

Squarelovin Instagram Analytics Tool

SquareLovin features

  • Media kit (for influencers)
  • Community analytics (for influencers)
  • Email analytics reports

SquareLovin pricing

SquareLovin is free to use for basic features, paid plans range from €9.99 to €14.99 per month


Buffer offers insights into your business performance on Instagram and other social media platforms. The analytics features on Buffer are easy to use and beginner friendly. You can create monthly Instagram analytics reports by choosing your charts and customising them with your brand elements like logos and descriptions. 

Buffer Instagram analytics tools

Buffer features

  • Custom analytics reports
  • Download PDF reports
  • Stories & Post analytics
  • Engagement metrics
  • Boosted post insights

Buffer pricing

Analytics tools are included in Buffer paid plans, from $6/mo. for 1 profile. Buffer is a good choice for small business owners, especially product-based brands.

Read our list of top Buffer alternatives.


Whatagraph is a social media reporting tool that allows marketers to build custom analytics reports, and dashboards and schedule these reports to be sent to clients on a regular basis. 

Whatagraph Instagram Analytics Reporting

Whatagraph features

  • Create custom analytics reports
  • Drag and drop charts & graphs
  • Pre-designed report templates
  • Automatic report sending
  • Track marketing campaigns 

Whatagraph pricing

Whatagraph would be a great choice for marketers who want to automate their client reporting. Pricing starts from $199/mo. for 25 data sources and 5 users.


SproutSocial is one of the most complete social media dashboards on the market used by brands with dedicated marketing teams. It allows marketers to visualize the entire brand marketing strategy, across all channels. SproutSocial also comes with powerful analytics features to help you study your posts, track clicks, monitor conversations and share analytics reports. 

SproutSocial Instagram management tools

Sprout Social features

  • Post analytics
  • Hashtags stats
  • Audience demographics
  • Engagement
  • Stories metrics
  • Boosted post insights
  • Team roles and tasks
  • Download reports


Hootsuite is a popular Instagram analytics tool geared towards professional marketers. Hootsuite's dashboard is organized into streams and you may take some time & training to get used to it and learn how to make the most of its analytics features. 

Hootsuite Instagram Analytics Features

Hootsuite features

  • Post analytics
  • Engagement
  • Best times to post
  • Customizable dashboard 
  • Analytics reports
  • Monitor mentions, comments and tags
  • Team roles

Hootsuite pricing

Hootsuite analytics is available on paid plans starting from $49/mo. 


Brandwatch is a social media analytics tool that helps brands discover content trends and track social media sentiment with real-time insights. This tool includes Instagram analytics features - but it's much more than that!

Brandwatch Instagram Analytics Reports

BrandWatch features

  • Search for trends
  • Campaign management
  • Monitor brand mentions
  • Customizable analytics reports
  • Shareable reports
  • Templates

BrandWatch pricing

Brandwatch pricing starts at $108/mo. per account.

Creator Studio

Creator Studio is the official content publishing tool by Facebook. It offers basic Instagram analytics to help you understand your audience and track your activity from a desktop app. 

Creator Studio Instagram Followers Active Times

Creator Studio features

  • up to 30-day insights
  • Engagement stats
  • Followers demographics
  • Activity times
  • Post interactions
  • Export data

Creator Studio pricing

Creator Studio is free, but it only offers basic Facebook and Instagram analytics.


Sendible is a social media reporting tool that allows you to generate in-depth reports for Instagram and other platforms. It covers all the basic insights like engagement and follower stats and you can build individual brand reports with drag-and-drop features. 

Sendible Instagram Analytics Tools

Sendible features

  • Automated reports
  • Best posting times
  • Most engaged followers
  • Top posts insights
  • Social monitoring
  • Google analytics tracking

Sendible pricing

Sendible analytics features are available from 29/mo, for single brand management.

And that's our list of the top Instagram analytics tools that you need to try. Just choose one that suits your needs and start tracking your performance to see which posts work best!

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